“Domine, ad quem ibimus? Verba vitae aeternae habes.” John 6:68


What kind of service do we offer?

Per Ipsum is a service offered by Evangelizo.org.

Per Ipsum provides a free, personalized e-mail each morning, containing the text of the Gospel of the day according to the liturgical calendars fixed by the Roman Catholic Church. To date, the service is offered according to the calendars of the following rites: ordinary and extraordinary forms of the Roman rite; the Maronite; the Byzantine; the Armenian and the Ambrosian rites.

Several rites and liturgical calendars are in use into the Catholic Church. The Roman rite is the one used by majority of Catholics; others are adopted by millions of believers in communion with the Roman Apostolic See, particularly in the Eastern Churches. By offering readings according to the different Catholic rites, Evangelizo is willing to reflect the richness of the tradition of the Church.

Evangelizo also wants to make known the spiritual writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and contributes to this end to their translation into new languages, before publishing them on commentary of the Gospel or of the feast of the day.

A flexible service without any embarrassement.

We do not ask for your name or postal address. Your e-mail address is all we need to send you the daily Gospel. We are committed to maintaining your privacy and will not use your email address for any commercial purpose. We also guarantee that you will not receive any message that would not be directly related to the service we deliver.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, either by clicking on “Modify your subscription” at the bottom of your “Per Ipsum” e-mail, or by clicking on “Modify your subscription” on this website.

How to personalize your “Per Ipsum” e-mail

By your initial subscription to Per Ipsum or by clicking on “Modify your subscription” at the bottom of your Per Ipsum e-mail or on this website, you have the ability to personalize several parameters, such as: the title of the e-mail (ex : "The Gospel for today"; "Private", "Good News"...); the format (HTML or text); the choice of language.

You may also choose to receive information on the Saint(s) of the day.

In case of a prolonged absence, you can suspend your subscription without cancelling it.

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